Monday, 30 January 2012

So Much To Blog About So Little Time...

Morning Girlss! Very Excited this morning woke up to January's GLOSSYBOX!

Along with some other parcels this morning my Nicki Minaj mini O.P.I nail polishes, my bag and gorgeous Model Mirror which I will post about tomorrow for you all.

Every girl loves getting spoilt and although I haven't got much money this month I still thought I'd get myself a few little treat's, this is my first glossybox and I was excited to see what was in this month's as I've been waiting eagerly hoping no-one else gets there's first and post and spoils my surprise ha, when I opened my box I was very impressed with the presentation the little heart sticker was such a nice touch, getting me in the valentines  mood speaking of valentines my NAKED palette 2 also cam in the post this morning but thats my valentines present so I opened it without having to touch it or open it you can understand how I felt, but can't wait for valentines day now, anyway look at me babbling its all the excitement, this is what the inside of my glossybox looked like when I opened it:
 With this being my first glossybox I didn't know what to expect my first thoughts were wow, although I was a bit gutted about the size of the products and the box I don't know why I was expecting something bigger because I knew what you recieved were only samples but either way I was still happy about the box and I'm going to reuse the gorgeous bright pink box to for my makeup bonuss here's a close up of what was in the box...
 MURAD Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer- Dewy Finish 5ml- Full Size Price (30ml) £29.00
 WELDA One Step Cleanser & Toner 10ml- Full Price (100ml) £9.95
FAB Gentle Body Wash 56.7g- Full Price (226.8g) £13.00
 ORLY Nail Lacquer In Ruby 5.3ml - Full Size 18ml £6.95
 These Little Sweets Were An Added Little Touch Haven't Eaten It Yet But Thought It Was Cute
 EYEKO Skinny Eyeliner In Emerald Green  Was Full Size - £9.50 Per Pencil

This I think was my favorite out of the box and the primer I'm looking forward to using them and hopefully reviewing them a little gutted that the eye pencil was a green as it was only yesterday I bought a green eyeliner along with a black one so I could get the free Barry M nail art pen which you get free when you buy any 2 Barry M cosmetic's from Boots but that's fine as it's now my new favorite eyeliner colour as it's different from the good old faithful black and also compliments my hair color and skin color.
So the big question is would I be keeping my subscription and receiving the glossy box again yes I think so or at least for next month see what that has to offer although these are only samples I feel you get what you pay for and more, the box is also gorgeous and reusable so you get a little bonus too, mine this month only cost me £7 something because I used a code which I was very happy about but for £10 a month I feel you definitley get your money's worth I'm looking forward to February's box already!

Have you received your glossybox yet hope I haven't ruined it for you and if now will you be thinking about subscribing? bearing in mind you can unsubscribe at any minute its well worth a think about! :-)
Looking Forward to your comments!

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