Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Wishlist Febuary 2012!

Viva La Juicy Perfume By Juicy Couture -Smelt this in house of fraiser, and was blown away a gorgeous summer scent!, i'm a big fan of juicy couture so this is a must have in my purfume collection very expensive though but worth it when i have the money :-(.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation In Desert Beige - Grabbed two sample of this I am a little naughty we have a boots and house of fraiser were i live both with estee lauder counters so making the use of both i went and asked for a free imatch and free sample from both, and being naughty again went in the next day to both when there was different girls and got another 2 samples haha, with strangely being matched up differently two girls gave me completely different colours were as two said desert beige was my colour i definitley prefer this color as it matches my skin and i can build on the color with bronzer when i fake tan hopefully will be buying this before saturday as there is an offer in house of fraiser were you buy 2 estee lauder items and get a free travel kit!

Urban Decay All Nighter Spray - After hearing amazing reviews about this spray, it is just what i need, infact what every girl needs something to help her makeup stay and look amazing all day although i am wondering is the good old hairspray trick better and cheaper for that matter? hmmmm....

Yves Saint Laurent Silky Sensual Lipstick - The look of these makeups are absolutley gorgeous! fit for a princess looking, cant wait to get my hands on one of these looking for a pinky shade just havent decided which one yet :-P abit expensive yes but we can all treat ourselfs now and again

Sleek Eyebrow Kit -And finally the sleek eyebrow kit again i've heard some good reviews on this and i am in definite need of giving my eyebrows a new look after all i think nice eyebrows frame your face and can make you look 100% better!

So... there you have it my wishlist for 2012, unfortuntley propually wont be able to afford them all as at the moment i only have a temporary job after finishing at millies cookies after 2 years mad i know but it really isnt as great as you think it would be... anyway that's it for now going to do my makeup as i've not long been dressed, just going to have a lazy day today got a few more posts to do for later tooo but for now speak soon me lovelies! 

P.s- if any of you own any of the abouve how would you rate them and what color ysl lipstick would you recommend? :-) 

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