Monday, 16 January 2012

To The Shops

Went into town today, Thought I'd get a few little bits even though the weather was freezing and it was so so icy, here's what I bought.
1- Some socks from new look 3 pairs for £4.
2- Charles Worthington dream hair shampoo £1.99 each from bodycare
3- Just some superdrug own brand shaving gel and razors both 99p each.
4- Kardashians Konfidential Book- £14.99
5- 2 sets of different tights from primark £2-£2.50
6- Imperial Leather sensuous silk bath cream £1 from bodycare
7- 2 pairs of Knee high socks from primark £2.00
8- From left cosmopolitan powder brush £12.00 from superdrug 
MeMeMe Angels with halos illuminator £12.50 from superdrug
9-Green apple and lime conditioner -99p
10- Bastiste brit dry shampoo and two small blush dry shampoo's - -0.99p-£1.99 from superdrug
11-Cosmopolitan body magazine- £4.99 from WHSmith's
12- 2 Barry M Nail Polishes £4.99 each from superdrug
13-MUA Lipstick shade 3, £1.00 from superdrug

As you can see I bought quite a lot buy here's my favorites:

These BarryM nail polishes I like because there both quite summery even the grey and believe it or not summer is on its way (although it doesn't feel like it) the blue is a lovely colour too not too bright and not too dull , I would show you pictures of these lovely colours on but I have acrylics at the moment but will update this blog at some point.

 I'm quite looking forward to using this cosmopolitan powder brush as I've heard it's quite good for the price I'll let you know more once I've tried it, The MeMeMe illuminator I'm excited about because I haven't used an illuminator properly before hoping this will make my face look more radiant , from the size of it I think the price tag of £12.50 is a bit high but we will see. Loreal Sublime bronze I always buy this product and I swear buy it, I only buy the fair skinned one as I'm too scared to go orange and the colour is perfect however I wouldn't recommend medium or even dark, because judging buy the colour of the fair skin one, the other's may be a bit too orange.
The first purchase I've made from MUA, but I've heard there products are quite good for the price and for only £1 I probably can't complain.

This book has been on my wishlist for ages and I've finally found it, cant wait too get my head into this as I love the Kardashian Family.

And last but least Charles Worthington dream hair shampoo for full body now only at £1.99 each, I can remember when these used to be quite expensive but I have always like how soft this shampoo left my hair, the presentation of the bottle also looks gorgeous and it also smells nice too.


  1. hi hun i'm now folling you :)
    i'm a new blogger.. just wondered how do you get thos hearts with numbers on your picture?
    the loreal sublime tan is my favourite too.
    really loving the blueberry nail polish.. the 2 colours you got would look lovely together and i've been wanting kardashian konfidential for ages :)

  2. hiyaaa thanks for following i'll follow you back its a good book you should get it! :) i put my pic onto and used the heart shape from there changed the color and then put a number in the heart :) its closing this april though :( xxx