Sunday, 22 January 2012

Happy Shopper- £40 gift set with £50 worth of stuff for only £1.85!

Hiya, hope all is well haven't blogged in a few days so here's a quick catch up!x

So, we all are tempted by the January sales, and I do look however I wouldn't say that I go mad however yesterday I was over the moon, I popped in to my local boots and had a look at there 75% of sale stand, and as you can imagine there was only a few bits left, but this caught my eye...
I've had some sanctuary products before but they have all been from gifts I'd received from birthday's and Christmas, anyway on the box was a clearance label saying the item which was £40.00, is reduced to £7.50 due to the lid with a mirror on being missing so basically all it meant was that you couldn't give this as a gift anyway to cut a long story short, in the box were 7 things all which are still for sale on the Sanctuary stand in boots here is what is in the box at there current prices 
A Shower Cap (maybe not so great but good for keeping your hair dry)
Sanctuary Body Scrub (200ml) - £5.10
Sanctuary Body Butter (300ml) - £7.45
Sanctuary Body Lotion (250ml) - £5.10
Sanctuary Intensive Rescue Heel Balm (75ml) - £7.45
Sanctuary Body Lotion (75ml) - £2.40
Sanctuary Body Wash (250ml) - £5.10
Sanctuary Brightening Facial Radiance Exfoliator (100ml)- £10.20
For £7.50 you can see why I snapped this up the body butter alone cost's more than that and the brightening facial exfoliator is still selling in boots for £10 I've always wanted to try but haven't due to the price, tried it today it is absolutely amazing leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth and smells lush. 
Took this to the till and nearly fainted when it come through as £1.85 so even though it had been reduced to £7.50 because the lid and mirror being missing (which is a shame but still not complaining) it still had the 75% of included.

Also once I'd bought this I received a £5 off voucher for No7 products, boots always do little offers like these now and again and I always take advantage of them you'd be mad not too and especially there nail polishes gorgeous colours good quality RRP £7 with the voucher they'd only be £2 you cant complain.
I used my voucher on a no7 lash & brow perfector to help style my eyebrow and keep them in a nice shape all day RRP- £10 so I got it for £5 when I bought this I recieved another voucher again for £5 off so I took advantage and bought a No7 Beautiful Brows Pencil colour 05 Black RRP £8 so I got it for £3.

Sorry for the long blog think I got a little carried away but who wouldn't I made massive savings and ended up on my visit with my other buys at only spending £13 for over £80 worth of stuff not bad ey?

What's your best saving this January? 


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